Case Study / September 7, 2016


Electrifying motorsport with the Virgin Formula E racing team

Working alongside one of the world’s leading brands to generate 28 million social connections
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From its roots as a record store to the heights of the galaxy, Virgin has always been a brand on the forefront of history, developing and sharing ‘disruptive technology’. In December 2013, the brand announced that it would be taking another step towards the future, entering a team in the inaugural FIA Formula E Championship, elite level motorsport for electric vehicles.

Pitch joined Virgin on this journey, partnering with the Virgin Racing Formula E team to share the story globally, driving conversation about the Virgin brand and its involvement in the innovative racing series.

Since then Pitch has led an international PR effort showcasing the new category and supercharging support for Virgin Racing all over the world, as a credible racing team helping to change the future of motorsport.

From the beaches of California to the main streets of Malaysia, the first two Formula E racing seasons spanned the world, and Pitch went with it, promoting the team and driving coverage for Virgin Racing in each of the ten markets.

As well as managing pre-event and race day media activity, Pitch was instrumental in developing the communications tone for the brand.

We produced over a dozen pieces of highly engaging video content supporting the team, generating thousands of social conversations and driving votes for the team’s drivers in the Fanboost challenge – a feature unique to Formula E where fans actually influence the outcome of the race, by voting for their favourite drivers to receive an extra boost of power during the race.

In the first season alone, we generated over 500 pieces of international media coverage, built a social audience in the tens of thousands and won Fanboost.

Virgin Racing is the most recognised Formula E brand amongst motorsport fans and this is just the start.