Sponsorship that boosts brand passion by fuelling fan passion

Brand partnerships are strategic collaborations that provide an opportunity for you to align yourself with consumer passions, enhancing their experience and ultimately fostering brand love. As industry-leading strategic sponsorship specialists, Pitch will use data-driven insights to locate and activate the right partnership for your marketing objectives.

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Our approach to Partnerships

For your brand partnerships to be effective, you need to establish what it is that your existing and target growth audience is passionate about, and how you can play an authentic role in enhancing that passion.

Using data-driven insights, we facilitate marketing partnerships and collaborations that will give you a meaningful role in consumers’ lives. This will help you ultimately achieve a measurable business impact, whether that be brand preference, brand loyalty or revenue growth.

The benefits of Pitch Partnerships

Brand partnerships, when not just used as a badging exercise, have the ability to boost passion for your brand in multiple ways, from increasing its reach to evolving your brand. Let’s take a look at some of these benefits in more detail and how strategic sponsorship can make your brand a bigger part of people’s lives.

A greater reach

By having other businesses promote your products or services to their audience, you’ll enjoy a greater reach and potentially lots of new customers as a result.

Extra resources

Partnering with another brand, rights holder or entity lets you make use of their marketing resources, expertise and contacts, something that can massively boost your advertising campaigns and build passion.

Evolve your brand

Sponsorship and partnerships can lead to the creation of new and exciting products and immersive experience, something that can transform sentiment towards your brand.


What is an example of partnership marketing?

One example would be cinch, a challenger brand who have used strategic sponsorships to generate huge amounts of brand fame and recognition in the last 18 months, having been previously unheard of. For instance, cinch has partnered with the England and Wales Cricket Board (ECB) in a video marketing campaign that has gained over a million views and boosted brand awareness by 48% on Facebook.

What makes Pitch unique as a partnership marketing agency?

At Pitch, we’re proud to specialise in all things partnership marketing. Our staff have expertise across all fields, with experience in earned, owned, and paid media — meaning that our ideas aren’t siloed and we approach every new campaign with a holistic view of the client’s needs. With over 15 years of experience, we have the comprehensive understanding of audiences, passions, and fandoms that it takes to deliver culturally resonant campaigns.

Our Expertise