Experiential Marketing

Bring your brand to life

Delivering immersive and live experiential campaigns is a surefire way to catch your audience’s attention. By working with a specialist experiential marketing agency like Pitch, you can get the most out of these efforts.

Our approach to Experiential Marketing

At the heart of every one of our experiential marketing campaigns is the harnessing of your audience’s senses — whether it’s what they see, hear, feel or even smell or taste — to create a lasting emotional connection and increase consumer passion for your brand.

Beginning with a killer concept, we will take care of everything from ideation to location, to talent management, to logistics, using our wealth of marketing experience to deliver experiential events that will live long in the memory.

The benefits of Experiential Marketing

Among the main benefits of experiential marketing are increasing brand awareness, boosting brand loyalty and transforming or affirming your company’s image. Let’s look at these advantages in more detail.

Increased brand awareness

People remember experiences, and if they have a good experience with your brand, then your products or services are likely to live long in the mind. Our passion marketing approach typically equates to more sales and more profit. 

Improved brand image

Good experiential marketing paints your brand in a positive light and fuels passion for your brand. Live and immersive experiences help you to build credibility and get ahead of your competition.

Boosted brand loyalty

Few forms of marketing are as memorable as experiential marketing. This can foster brand passion in customers by showing you’re a cut above the rest, something that leads to repeat sales.


What is an example of experiential marketing?

One example of experiential marketing comes from sportswear brand Asics. Working in collaboration with the team at Pitch and mental health charity Mind, we helped them mark World Mental Health Day by turning the town of Retford into a movement-inspired gym for a day. This was with the aim of demonstrating the power of movement in uplifting the mood of the town. 

Along an Uplift Route, bus stops were made into ‘bus steps’, benches into ‘bench presses’ and lampposts into ‘goal posts’, with Retford residents moving together to boost their mood.

What is the difference between event marketing and experiential marketing?

Although event marketing and experiential marketing are similar and often overlap, they aren’t quite the same. The main difference is that event marketing is typically a one-way form of communication, while experiential marketing involves greater interaction between the brand and the audience. Rather than just advertising to people, brands engage with them through activities like games, interactive technology and photo booths.

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