Life's A Pitch. Be Distinctive.

About Us

Every day of our lives we are being pitched to. Whether it be for likes, for love, or for sales. For today’s consumer, life’s a pitch.
For brands who want to stand-out, we think it's never been more important to be distinctive. Which is why we specialise in creating distinctive marketing campaigns.
We are a creative agency with three divisions: Partnerships, PR and Productions; offering expertise across sponsorship, communications, digital, social, influencer marketing, design and content production.
Our campaigns begin with real insight, have bold ideas at their heart, and are always implemented to achieve measurable business impact.

What makes us


We are one of the pioneers of sport and entertainment marketing in the UK. Over the past decade the same sense of adventure that inspired us to challenge the norm and the lead the way in this sector, continues to drive our thinking and ambition for our clients.


Our independence is our freedom, to work, to create and to partner. As an independent agency we’re not beholden to the corporate machine, we’re nimble, imaginative and always willing to ‘make it happen’.


We are results driven, constantly working as hard as we can to achieve the best possible outcomes for both our clients and our business.


We pride ourselves on our ability to work seamlessly with clients and partners. We are collaborators by nature, bringing people together to create the best possible solution for any business challenge.


We are a human business. The insights, the ideas, the work - they don't exist without our people, the most important element in our distinctive marketing approach.

TEAM / Founding Partner

Henry Chappell

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TEAM / Head of PR

Chris Allen

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TEAM / Head of Production

Lee Cheney

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TEAM / Head of Talent

Sharon Gelb

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TEAM / Managing Partner

Adam Raincock

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TEAM / Finance Director

Wendy Ward

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TEAM / Non-executive chairman

Ian Priest

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Our distinctive campaigns are award-winning across the sponsorship, PR, creative and digital industries.

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