Pitch PR puts brands in the spotlight, using cultural currency to help them reach bigger audiences through the power of earned media. Learn all about our PR agency services here.

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Our approach to PR

Our clients are a mixture of established and emerging consumer brands, all with engaging stories to tell. We create stop-you-in-your-tracks, creative campaigns that build brands people can be truly passionate about.. Pitch’s public relations services involve:

Unbridled creativity

We aren’t a fan of the same old tired tactics often employed in PR. Inventive ideas are our specialty, and Pitch always thinks outside of the box to deliver fun, fresh campaigns that build brand love.

Capturing the imagination

We pride ourselves on our ability to create impactful PR campaigns that generate countless print headlines, cause online disruption and drive behavioural change. If it won’t capture the imagination, we’re not interested. 

A laser focus

Every PR campaign we run has a crystal clear target, whether it’s to drive product sales, increase website traffic, data capture, or alter public opinion. This gives us a laser focus and helps ensure everything we do for our clients has a tangible and measurable impact.

Benefits of public relations

PR services have numerous benefits for a brand, from boosting its image to attracting customers and investors. Let’s take a look at these advantages in more detail.

Boosting brand image

Making a good first impression is important, as is maintaining that reputation. A good brand image for an emerging or challenger brand can encourage customers to make purchases and keep coming back for more.

Bolstering brand awareness

The more meaningful engagement your brand has, the more passionate people will feel towards it. PR is an effective way of boosting awareness about your brand values, expanding your market reach and ultimately growing revenue.

Attracting customers and investors

With better brand image and greater brand awareness, your brand is able to generate more of a profit. This can be reinvested in your business, enabling it to grow.


What is Pitch PR and what services does it encompass?

Pitch is a London-based PR agency, with our PR services including everything from media relations and crisis communications, to community relations and strategic communications.

What is included in a Pitch PR campaign?

A typical Pitch PR campaign will include

  • Media strategising 
  • Launch events
  • Stunts
  • Consumer insights
  • Media relations
  • News generation and newshacking
  • Reactive press office 
  • Influencer marketing

What can clients expect from a Pitch PR campaign?

Clients can always expect us to bring our core agency attributes to any campaign — passion, creativity and ambition. In addition, we apply our bespoke ‘Four P’s methodology’ to all PR campaigns This involves analysing the bigger target audience we are trying to reach through:

  • People — who are they?
  • Passions — what are they most interested in?
  • Presence — where do they show up and what media do they consume?
  • Purpose — what are their values and how can we support the matters that drive them emotionally? 

 These drivers inform our strategy for each PR campaign

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