Creative Campaigns

Big, Bold Thinking

Whether it's tapping into a trend, maximising a celebrity's star power, or bringing a universal truth to life, our campaigns make people care enough to stop and read, watch or gossip.

Our Approach to Creative Campaigns

Pitch approaches every creative marketing campaign with the aim of answering one crucial question — how do we make this as big a moment for our client as possible?

We pride ourselves on devising and delivering creative campaigns designed to reach bigger audiences, helping your business to reach its full potential. We want our ads to make audiences sit up and pay attention, whether it is a few thousand people or the entire nation as our agency prepares for a major event.

The Benefits of Creative Campaigns

With sharp strategy and an innate understanding of cultural currency, we do creative campaigns like no other. Here are some of the main benefits of Pitch’s unique approach:

Creates a compelling narrative

Creative marketing brings together multiple channels and touchpoints to present a single cohesive story about a brand. And just like any excellent campaign, it needs a clear goal, a captivating narrative, and measurable results. Creative campaigns provide numerous ways to convey a narrative and a framework for that commentary to develop and evolve over time.

Gives brands a second look

Advertising is everywhere, but how many people remember or even glance at the ads they see each week? Creative campaigns create a reason for consumers to give brands a second look by speaking to their passions, fears and dreams and inviting them to consider the role a brand plays in their lives.

Encourages intelligent innovation

Not only can new ideas boost success, engagement and sales, but because creativity feeds off itself, brands as a whole can benefit greatly from creative approaches. Methods that tap into people’s imaginations foster an environment conducive to new thinking, which will get your teams talking and brainstorming, releasing their creative juices.


What are creative campaigns?

Creative campaigns are opportunities for brands to speak to their audience in more depth than a single press release or video will allow. They bring together multiple channels and touchpoints to tell a single cohesive story.

What are the steps involved with a Pitch creative campaign?

First, we quiz the audience and closely study the brief to identify a conflict or struggle the brand can help solve for the audience. From there, we develop a creative proposal that encourages our team to think big. Once we have the right idea, it’s all about execution: identifying the right channels to tell the story, the right people to tell it, and the visual hooks and flourishes that will attract and hold an audience’s attention.

What makes Pitch stand out from other creative advertising agencies?

As a creative campaigns agency, everything we do is driven by what the audience cares about — whether it’s teaching parents how to keep their children safe online, combatting racism and homophobia in sports, or educating the world about the mental health benefits of exercise.

By beginning with the interests of the target demographic, we ensure that the creative campaigns we develop will get attention and have a significant impact on our clients, therefore assisting them in expanding their ability to reach, educate and excite larger audiences.

Our Expertise