We create content that fuels people’s passions and builds brands that people can be passionate about.

In today’s image-oriented world, visual content is key to conveying your brand’s personality. Relying on a dedicated digital content production agency like Pitch is the best way to optimise your visual content strategy.

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Our approach to Pitch Productions

Great visual content isn’t just great to look at — it also needs to be true to your brand.

In order to make sure our digital content production services deliver this, Pitch spends time getting to the heart of what our clients’ brands are and what they represent. This ensures we’re always accurately portraying their unique identities.

The benefits of Pitch Productions

Showing off your brand personality

Your brand’s personality is crucial in so many ways, from helping you to connect with your audience to differentiating you from your competitors. A huge part of this is your visual identity, which Pitch can help fine-tune.

Conveying information better

Good communication is key in the business world, as, without this, people won’t know what your brand is about and what it stands for. A comprehensible and coherent visual identity is a vital aspect of this.

Helping you stand out from the crowd

Brands with a great visual identity are much more memorable than those with bland ones. As such, relying on a visual content agency like Pitch can help you stand out from the crowd.


What can be expected from a Pitch Productions campaign?

The first stage involves analysing the brand and its audience to ascertain the story you want to tell and who you want to tell it to. We then develop a creative proposal, with our team tasked with thinking big. After landing on the right ideas, it’s all about execution, from finding the right channels to identifying the best visual techniques to reflect what a brand stands for and to gain its audience’s attention.

What makes Pitch unique as a marketing agency?

At Pitch, we’re proud to specialise in all things digital marketing. Our staff work across all avenues, with experience in earned, owned, and paid media — meaning that our ideas aren’t siloed and we approach every new campaign with a holistic view of the client’s needs. With over 15 years of experience, we have the comprehensive understanding of audiences, passions, and fandoms that it takes to deliver culturally resonant campaigns.

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