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Pitch Platforms works with you to craft attention grabbing campaigns and content in a world of feeds and ad blocks. From Social to AR. We’re here to consult, advise and put into practice. So, Social need? Influencer curious? Community Management? Or what the hell is ‘X’? lets chat.

What is Pitch Platforms

We specialise in all things digital, aiming to set your brand up with the talent and tools to execute an effective full-funnel marketing strategy.

Online platform-based marketing is crucial in the current digital landscape. We’re living in the age of the social network, and social media marketing is well on its way to becoming the most effective means to reach huge global audiences.

As user bases grow, so do the number of opportunities — platforms like Facebook, TikTok and Instagram offer unparalleled potential to learn about consumer behaviour, raise brand awareness, and promote goods and services to a targeted audience.

The Pitch Platforms approach

Each campaign we run is tailored to your specific needs, integrating strategy, innovation, and insight.

Digital marketing strategy

Collaborating with clients, we identify business objectives from the outset and create campaigns that connect audience, brand and behaviour. We produce integrated marketing plans with a 360 mindset, ensuring that each touchpoint on a consumer journey is considered, understood, and activated. Whether we’re working as your digital, social or influencer marketing agency, we still cover every base to help your business reach bigger audiences and unlock more revenue.

Digital innovation

From pioneering techniques such as augmented reality and virtual reality, to the virtual worlds emerging across the web3, there are countless opportunities to market more imaginatively than ever before. Using ambitious new technologies, we can challenge the status quo just as well as we can complement existing campaigns with a digital flourish.

Audience insights

Using a breadth of detailed social analytics, we can help to build brand personas, foster meaningful customer relations, and inform wider marketing strategy. These metrics provide an in-depth look at the attitude, motivation, and behaviour of consumers — and can be broken down by demographic to help better understand the audience, and the credible role for brands.

Our Clients

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What can be expected from a Pitch Platforms campaign?

No two Pitch Platforms briefs are alike. To help our clients achieve maximum return on investment, the full digital potential of a campaign will be explored — we want to create relevant, impactful and high-reaching digital opportunities to benefit the core creative concept. Our approach includes digital marketing strategy development, innovative new technologies, and bespoke audience insights.

What makes Pitch unique as a marketing agency?

At Pitch, we’re proud to specialise in all things digital marketing. Our staff work across all avenues, with experience in earned, owned, and paid media — meaning that our ideas aren’t siloed and we approach every new campaign with a holistic view of the client’s needs. With over 15 years of experience, we have the comprehensive understanding of audiences, passions, and fandoms that it takes to deliver culturally resonant campaigns.

Our Expertise