Consumer Insights

Unlock conversions through connections

Consumer insights are critical for a brand to thrive, expand and survive the highly competitive digital market. Through extensive research and in-depth analytics, our expertise in consumer behaviour can put your brand on a forward-thinking, future-proof trajectory.

Our approach to Consumer Insights

Through the use of data mining, focus groups and both qualitative and quantitative insight gathering, we get to the heart of the latest trends.

Our in-house expert team utilise various frameworks to understand, and outline, what the consumer wants and needs — plus their preferred ways to use technology. With purpose, diligence and pin-point accuracy, we match our clients with their desired digital audience and their passions, attitudes, influences and purpose. We establish a clear and credible role for activation — then we get creative!

By following in the footprints of the consumer’s digital self, Pitch provides brands with the consumer insights required to expand, stay relevant and thrive in a rapidly evolving market.

The benefits of consumer insights

To help you make the best business decisions, here are three examples of how to leverage consumer insights:

1. Provides a personalised experience

With consumer insights, brands can customise their services to the requirements, preferences, and expectations of its target audience and create precise and insightful advertising. Personalisation is key — today’s customers have come to anticipate and seek individualised experiences as a result of services by market leaders, such as Amazon. Moreover, according to a study from Microsoft, companies that used insights this way outperformed their competitors by 85% in sales growth.

2. Checks out the competition

If you have a solid understanding of your target demographic, you’ll have a better idea of how they evaluate your competitors — and where you stand in relation to them. A good place to begin researching a competitor’s products or services is through online product reviews and social media postings. This will subsequently show you how and where to improve, as well as identifying white space in the market to capitalise on. Then, you can swiftly position your product as the answer to this unfulfilled demand.

3. Prepares for the future

Not only is there a shift occurring in consumer behaviour, the pace of this change is ever-quickening. New technologies continue to promise universal improvements in customer experience (CX). Predictive analytics are making it easier for brands to provide exemplary levels of customer support — however, those that are less adaptable are quickly falling behind. Acting as a compass for brands to follow, consumer insights point brands in the right direction when it comes to meeting the expectations of the modern-day customer.


What are consumer insights?

Consumer insights is the analysis of information on customer behaviour that often serves as a bridge between a company’s research and marketing departments. It can provide insight into what audiences want, need and importantly — why.

What do consumer insights do?

Consumer insights allow businesses to draw insightful conclusions from customer data. Through this window into the thinking behind purchasing behaviour, brands can use consumer insights to develop new marketing strategies, enhance customer service and improve revenue.

Why are consumer insights so important?

The business world can be ruthless, ever-changing and over-saturated with ambitious competitors. Consumer insights are essential for a business to outshine (and survive) its brand rivals. Through extensive research and in-depth analytics, consumer insights can put a business on a forward-thinking trajectory.

What is the difference between consumer insights and market research?

Market research produces the data. It provides the cold, hard facts on market needs, sizes, competitors and customers. Consumer insights, on the other hand, focus on analysing the data in order to draw helpful conclusions and recommended initiatives. In short, market research tells us “what” a marketplace looks like and consumer insights tells us “why” a demographic is behaving in a certain way.

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