Influencer Marketing

Harnessing creative and credible talent

As a London-based influencer marketing agency, Pitch has years of experience executing various campaigns, giving us a distinct strategic edge that we always bring to the table.

What goes into a Pitch influencer marketing campaign?

We’ve gained a wealth of experience with paid and earned relationships, accumulated from both agency and PR work. Our approach to end-to-end influencer marketing is drawn from our key areas of expertise: strategy, identification, management and measurement.

Our ambition is always to strike the balance between commercial success for a brand, and maximising the influencers creative potential. We do all of this while delivering ROI to budget and on schedule.

Pitch leverages influencers to be credible, authentic voices to our campaigns. Before activation, our team identifies the right creative moment where brand vision and creator ethos are aligned. Our rosters are diverse and inclusive, consistently relevant to the consumer base and target market. The creators we collaborate with are chosen for the dynamic and original talent they bring to any great campaign, with an established social audience.

The benefits of influencer marketing

There’s a reason that 93% of marketers use this strategy in their campaigns. Here are just three ways in which influencer marketing benefits your brand.


By capitalising on the outreach of individuals with strong online followings, your positioning and visibility can grow exponentially. Social media users will see more and more of you as you let influencers vouch for your brand, allowing your story to reach an increasing number of people who will then have an idea about what you can offer them. To do this, you need to create great content that benefits the influencer’s profile while they do the same for yours — it’s a mutually beneficial deal.


Beyond mere visibility, one big boon of influencers is that they establish a strong relationship with dedicated fans who see them as trustworthy. Their already engaged audience holds them in high esteem, respects their opinion and values their posts. A strategy that involves sharing an influencer’s content is more likely to grab someone’s attention, aligning parts of your message with their status as a credible voice — boosting the chances of sales. After all, 49% of consumers find influencers to be more helpful than brands when it comes to purchasing decisions.


Partnerships have long been a staple of dynamic, outward looking businesses. No doubt, the right partner is crucial for getting the best relationship. However, strong bonds with other brands boost sales through these collaborations with influential people. You may have noticed that brands don’t do one-off endorsements with influencers anymore. Instead, lasting collaborations are the aim, as they consistently underline a brand’s credibility through this influencer-lens over time, helping to drive sales over the long-term.

It also works the other way too: the influencers you partner with should also appeal to the same market, meaning that they tap into your audience too.


What is influencer marketing?

In essence, influencer marketing falls under the umbrella of social media marketing. As a strategy, it uses endorsements and recommendations from individuals with dedicated followers on social media, AKA “influencers”, who have power to impact and sway your consumer base.

Since these people are seen as having authority and expertise in specific areas, they have cultivated strong trust with their audience. In the same way that Michael Jordan communicated Nike’s quality to his loyal fanbase, an influencer’s recommendation can be incredibly potent for your brand campaign. At Pitch, we select influencers who are within or orbiting your industry, preferably with a particular niche that attracts your target audience.

How effective is influencer marketing?

The lion’s share of marketers today see influencer strategies as a way to ensure better quality leads, especially given that almost half of consumers lean on influencers for purchase decisions. What’s more, influencer-focused campaigns can generate eight times as much ROI compared to other strategies. To ensure your campaign is the most impactful, however, there are certain things to keep in mind, such as choosing the right influencers, getting to grips with your audience’s tastes and a targeted use of data.

How does influencer marketing work?

There are a few ways in which influencer marketing could work — the world is your oyster! An example might be sharing user-generated content, such as an Instagram or Facebook story, whereby you take the content from the influencer you are collaborating with and repost it on your profile feed for the world to see. For instance, if you’re an emerging soft drink company, getting your product seen as part of an individual’s influential branding has the positive effect of piquing interest and adding credibility by establishing your partnership.

Pitch curates bespoke influencer marketing campaigns that foster connections with audiences in both target areas and unexpected places. We do this through creative collaboration with unique and trustworthy individuals who love to share value with the world. Have a look at more of what we do below, and see what we might be able to do for you.

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