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The digital marketplace is inescapable for any modern business. We explore how to hone and grow your brand online.

Our approach to digital marketing

The Pitch way of doing things is simple: we think bigger. That means we bring passion and creativity and, most of all, ambition when we deliver bespoke, memorable and impactful campaigns. The work we create isn’t just there to grab people’s attention, but to capture their hearts.

We are a digital marketing agency that believes transparency is the key to effective collaboration. That means no silos, no specialists and no delay. We can consult throughout the entire funnel, getting under the hood of an online campaign and thinking about a fully integrated response.

Content for any campaign deserves to be seen. In a Pitch campaign, we utilise digital innovations, touchpoints and techniques to amplify it, making sure that it reaches bigger audiences.

The benefits of digital marketing

Without digital marketing, you may never unlock the stellar campaigns your brand is capable of delivering. Let’s walk through what the right online strategy can secure for your business.


A digital marketing strategy lets a business measure the impact of a campaign through the journey of the customer. Terms that often crop up in this discussion are ‘conversion’, ‘click-through rate’ and ‘keywords’.

These refer to how marketers can trace the behaviour and actions of their target consumer online according to how they are using the online platform. For example, you can assess what potential customers are trying to find through Google or other search engines. While, if they land on your website, you can also find out how much time they’re spending there. All of these are examples of how digital marketing gives you the kind of clarity needed to hone your approach to target audiences.


Digital strategies incur fewer overhead costs than traditional marketing media, such as TV and print advertisements, as well as requiring less time, energy and money spent on distribution. You are also allowed greater control over precisely who will see the ads and messages, meaning that the capital you do invest in a piece of digital content will be focused and will potentially give you a greater return on investment. In short, you get more customer contact for less overall money spent.


One of the advantages of our fast-paced digital world is the ease of communication, and this goes double for seeing how your target consumers are responding to your campaigns. For instance, the social media arm of your marketing strategy lets you see not only who likes your posts, but also what their individual responses are through the comment section, and whether they are sharing it with others on the platform.

This strategy not only generates visibility but also audience interaction with your brand — a valuable tool for boosting engagement and fostering loyalty between you and your target demographic.


According to a marketing report from Google, the companies that incorporate digital practices into their campaigns experience almost three times more growth in terms of overall revenue. Moreover, the same study indicates that, as a result of this, those businesses are also over three times more likely to expand their workforce. Considering nearly 2.14 billion consumers do their shopping online, conversion rates achieved by digital marketing tools are essential to higher revenues.


Why is digital marketing important?

The many benefits we’ve outlined here all speak to how marketing online allows you to affordably grow your audience, with quantitative results. In the UK, over 90% of adults own a smartphone. Failing to make digital a part of your campaign strategy means passing over a huge market with enormous potential for visibility, engagement and revenue.

What is an example of digital marketing?

A common example might be a social media campaign. This arm of your overall strategy can start, for instance, by building awareness through creative posts on your Instagram account. Using images or videos, you can effectively represent your brand and tell your target demographic what you’re up to. With this increased visibility, you are boosting the chances of getting noticed by this audience, which in turn makes sales more likely.

Another way to do this could be to also include user-generated content, such as sharing a review from someone’s story, to spread the good word about your business and drive interest and revenue that way. Either way, digital marketing lets you harness the power of incredible connectivity in communicating who you are, and why people should take what you have to offer.

What are the four types of digital marketing?

The four main categories of digital marketing are content marketing, search engine optimisation, search engine marketing and social media marketing.

Content Marketing

Content marketing revolves around the creation and distribution of relevant content for a targeted demographic. This might come in the form of blog posts or articles that clearly reflect the brand image and are distinctly relevant to the customer, which leads to positive interactions and conversions.

Search Engine Optimisation 

Since Google is the front page of the internet for most of us, you’ll want to make sure that your page is visible as soon as people start looking to find a product or service — this is called Search Engine Optimisation, or SEO. SEO works to ensure your site ranks according to Google’s analytics, so people see it as soon as they start hunting online.

This can be achieved by locating and incorporating keywords from available data on your audience and designing an accessible and exciting website that encourages more conversions. Check out this SEO glossary for some more terms you should know about.

Search Engine Marketing

Although Search Engine Marketing (SEM) often falls under the category of SEO, SEM tends to refer only to paid advertising, while SEO prioritises the acquisition and analysis of unpaid online traffic. With SEM, marketing is carried out using advertisements that will appear on search engine results pages (SERPs). That means that when users make a query, the campaign ads will be visible straight away.

Social Media Marketing 

Social media marketing or SMM involves the use of social platforms — like Facebook, Instagram and TikTok — to develop and communicate a brand, generate online traffic and boost revenue. Like SEO, social media marketing uses data analytics to assess the strength of a company’s outreach on these platforms and then refine their engagement.

At Pitch, we can expertly deploy each and any of these tools in your digital arsenal to execute a bespoke yet peerless campaign. Take a look at how we’ve helped brands digitally realise their ambitions on our Work page.

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