Powering up an ultimate team

Pokémon announced it had entered a three-year partnership with The FA. The aim of The FA Pokémon Youth Futsal Programme is to make Futsal a natural part of children’s football development and nurture the next generation of footballers.

The programme targets both schools and clubs across the country through an exciting range of initiatives, including the opportunity to register for an exclusive Futsal kit bundle.

Team players

A playful logo was developed that created an instant association between Pokémon and football.

Master The Ball

Pokémon is about self-improvement and growing as an individual. The more moves you master, the more your character evolves. Futsal gives you the chance to hone your skills through the freedom of creativity and self-expression on the court.

Following this linked ideology, the campaign’s line became Master the Ball, using terminology familiar within Pokémon lore it acts as a rallying cry for kids to get involved!

A brand device with combined inspiration from a PokéBall and the centre circle of a football pitch was developed, as well as dynamic typography that personifies the tempo of Futsal.

A content hub for drills, skills and thrills

The Pokemon microsite offered Schools and Youth Futsal clubs across the country a  chance to receive exclusive bundle packs, containing a whole host of amazing Futsal related products. Including progress sticker packs where kids can track their Futsal skills.

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