Easier way to play

The challenge was to launch cinch’s partnership with the ECB through a content campaign that communicated the ‘faff-free’ brand message whilst remaining humourous and accessible. There is a higher barrier to entry with cricket because of the complexities of the game. Our role as a brand that is centred around ease, is to make the sport accessible to everyone. To make it easier to love the game, for both new and existing fans.


A pipe dream

Cricket is played in towns and villages across the country by people of all ages and abilities. But for your average village cricketer the gulf in class between them and an England Player is huge. Bowling out Root or hitting Anderson for four is just a pipe dream. Until cinch got involved.

What if cinch made it easier...

The English cricketers are at the pinnacle of the game so it would be virtually impossible for any normal player to get them out. But what if cinch made it easier…We gave some village cricketers the chance to have a go at getting one of England’s finest players out. What they didn’t know is that we had a few tricks up our sleeve to make it as easy as possible.

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