Branded Content

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Branded content involves highlighting your brand’s values so your audience knows what you stand for. Hiring an experienced branded content agency can help you do this as effectively as possible, which is where Pitch comes in.

Our approach to branded content

As an established branded content production company, the team at Pitch are well-versed in getting under the skin of our clients to ensure that their branded content achieves its desired goals.

From engaging in exercises like brand characterisation to performing extensive audience research, we make sure we know our clients inside out before launching branded content campaigns.

The benefits of branded content

Branded content can benefit your brand in lots of ways, from increasing your audience reach to boosting conversions. Learn more about these advantages below.

Increase your audience reach

Branded content involves creating exciting stories about your brand for your audience to enjoy, something that makes them eminently shareable. This in turn will lead to more people discovering and learning about your brand, increasing your audience reach.

Improve your brand authority

Rather than simply trying to sell your products or services, branded content is all about encouraging your audience to learn about and engage with your brand. This can improve your brand authority and help them trust you more.

Boost conversions

By proving to your audience that you’re trustworthy, people are more likely to buy your products or services. Indeed, according to Adobe, 7 in 10 customers will make more purchases from brands they trust.


What is the difference between branded content and sponsored content?

Perhaps the main difference between the two is that sponsored content often promotes a company’s products or services directly, unlike branded content. In addition, branded content is typically delivered on a brand’s own channels, whereas sponsored content can appear on a variety of external mediums.

What makes good branded content?

Good branded content should tell a compelling story about a brand, while also personifying it and appealing to the audience’s emotions. Otherwise, it won’t strike a chord with them and could come across as inauthentic.

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