Content Production

Content is King

In today’s image and video-driven world, content is king, making it an essential tool in your marketing arsenal. As a result, working with a dedicated content production agency like Pitch can pay huge dividends for your business.

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Our Approach to Content Production

Great content is about more than just pretty images or videos — it also needs to be effective from a marketing point of view and true to your brand.

In order to achieve this with our content creation services, Pitch doesn’t just hire the best content creators around, but leaves no stone unturned in getting under the skin of our clients’ brands. This ensures we can convey their unique identities through their content.

The Benefits of Content Production

Content production services offer brands like yours a multitude of benefits, from enabling you to reach a greater audience to helping you to stand out from the crowd. Find out more below.

Reaches a greater audience

There are many people out there who are perfect for your brand, but don’t know anything about it. Great content production helps to build brand awareness and in turn bolster conversions.

Showcases your brand’s personality

Your brand’s personality is crucial for numerous reasons, from helping your audience bond with your brand to conveying its message. A crucial way of displaying your brand’s personality is through the content you produce.

Helps you stand out from the crowd

Brands with great content are a lot more memorable than those without. As such, content production can help you outdo your competition.


What is the difference between content production and content marketing?

Content production is the creation of content — whether it’s a video, blog, infographic or something else — whereas content marketing is the distribution of said content so it reaches its target audience. However, the term content marketing is often used as shorthand for the entire process.

What steps are involved in content production?

The main steps involved with content production are:

  • Defining the content’s goals – Whether it’s to generate new leads, improve customer retention or increase brand authority, it’s crucial to first define the main goals of the content from the outset.
  • Outlining the tasks involved – Planning is all-important when it comes to content production, and this starts by defining what actually needs to be done to achieve the content’s goals. Some typical steps include copywriting, editing and a legal review. 
  • Considering the roles  – The next stage is to figure out who will do what, before assigning each task to the relevant person or people. 
  • Working out the timeline and due dates – The final step is to work out when everything is due so that the content is produced in a timely manner. Once this is done, it’s time to get started on actually creating the content.

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