The BT Big Sofa Summit

Whilst all eyes were on COP26 coming to the UK, only one-fifth (21%) of the population felt the UN climate change conference would actually inspire them to take action to tackle the climate crisis. BT showed that you don’t need to be a world leader to help combat climate change. An 8-week integrated campaign, the BT Big Sofa Summit called on the public to sit down and host their own ‘sofa summits’ to discuss the small changes they could make and smart tech they could use to be greener at home.

BT teamed up with Kimberley Walsh, Perri Kiely and Jordan Banjo to create a set of free online resources to spark the conversation and help the environment.

Pitch Productions created a bank of inspiring and informative video content and educational assets to help spark the conversation and empower consumers to host their own sofa summits. Content included the personal sofa summits of each celebrity ambassador, tips on how to use smart tech to save energy from Perri & Jordan, specific advice for SMEs from Kimberley Walsh and an online guide to help consumers start the conversation at home.

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