Sports Marketing

Go big or go home

The power and global reach of sport keeps growing. However, engaging with sports fans is harder than ever in an increasingly disparate digital landscape. That’s why working with a specialist sports marketing agency like Pitch is so beneficial.

Our approach to sports marketing

To properly connect with sports fans, brands need to truly grasp their interests, plus what’s trending in the sports world. Otherwise, it’s highly likely their marketing efforts will fall flat.

Pitch more than understands this. We were one of the first ever sports specialist agencies to be launched in the UK around two decades ago, when our founder realised there was a need for specialist marketeers who understand the nuances within the sports industry. Pitch is still among the leaders in the field today, working with some of the world’s biggest brands, rights holders, broadcasters and media in the business.

Why you should rely on sports marketing

A sports marketing agency like no other, our first class expertise and industry knowledge is sure to get you on the road to success. Here are just some of the many benefits that a Pitch campaign can bring to you:

You can easily reach new audiences

Working with sports teams or stars gives brands a great opportunity to reach those who aren’t familiar with what they do. Considering the huge fan bases those in sport have, there’s significant scope to hugely increase brand recognition.

Sports fans are more loyal than most

Not every consumer will stick with a brand through thick and thin, but sports fans will keep supporting their favourite team no matter what. By aligning with these teams, brands can enjoy similar loyalty themselves.

You can get a good ROI

Taking into account the potential sports PR and marketing has to increase brand recognition and the loyalty customers have to a brand, it naturally follows that sales will rise too. Companies get a lot of bang for their buck with this form of marketing.


What are the three main types of sports marketing?

Marketing of sports

Marketing of sports is about promoting sports to the public, including events, teams and athletes, with the purpose of increasing interest in them.

Marketing through sports

This type of sports marketing involves using sport as a way to advertise brands, and may not be directly related to a sport itself.

Grassroots sports marketing

Grassroots sports marketing is about marketing sports to the general population with a view to increasing participation in said sport, as opposed to marketing it as entertainment.

What companies use sports marketing?

All kinds of companies use sports marketing. These include dedicated sports organisations like the FA, the NBA and Asics, as well as non-sports brands such as Cinch, LG and Uber Eats. Perhaps the biggest difference between Pitch and other sports marketing agencies is the range of businesses we have on board. Our sports client roster includes rights holders, governing bodies, brand partners and even broadcasters.

What steps are involved with a Pitch sports marketing campaign?

Our sports marketing services are usually integrated campaigns featuring strategic and creative services, plus distribution via earned (PR) and paid media.

What is the difference between sports PR and marketing?

Sports marketing is an all-encompassing term referring to various marketing methods, while sports PR is a form of communications used to build and maintain a good reputation of a brand and its products, services, or sport. For example, we do the sports PR for Formula One on a global remit, making sure that consumers have positive perceptions of the sport and reaching new and bigger audiences – specifically engaging Gen Z through earned lifestyle media coverage.

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