Consumer PR

Your audience awaits

Pitch provides consumer PR services to people who need their stories to be heard. We can unlock your brand’s communications potential, helping you reach wider audiences than ever before.

Our approach to consumer PR

It’s never as simple as making a product and telling anybody who will listen to buy it — before you ask a consumer to invest in what you’re selling, they need to be invested in you. Enter Pitch’s consumer PR team!

Pitch can take your brand’s public relations to the next level by delivering compelling creative campaigns and 24/7 press office activity. We have unrivalled relationships with key entities in the media, as well as teams that specialise in a range of digital marketing strategies to accelerate our campaigns and maximise reach.

The benefits of consumer PR

Successful consumer PR agencies know who makes up a brand’s target audience and what makes them tick. Pitch can make sure that your message is heard by bigger audiences and make them want to invest a share of their life in your brand.

Raises brand awareness

Modern consumer PR leverages the reaching-power of social, broadcast and print media to make the public aware of who you are and what your story is. We want your brand to be the first name that pops into consumers’ heads when they have a need for a product or service that you provide.

Improves reputation

Growing your audience is one thing, but we can make them want to invest their time in your brand, too. Building these relationships is a gradual process that demands strategic media outreach, attentive customer service and consistent messaging — but it is essential to improve and maintain the reputation of your company. In the long-term, this translates to higher sales and more profit: 47% of surveyed consumers have said that they would pay more for brands they trust.

Reduces marketing costs

Improved media and consumer relations leads to less marketing outlay. This is because organic press can effectively advertise your products and services for you. What’s more, non-paid advertising is generally viewed as more trustworthy than paid, so a good PR campaign can simultaneously reduce expenditure and encourage higher rates of conversion than traditional marketing efforts.


What is the difference between corporate PR and consumer PR?

Corporate PR delivers external and internal messaging about your brand to the key stakeholders in your business, to effectively promote your company culture and values. Consumer PR on the other hand engages with the public, getting your message out through the media about your brand, services and products.

What is an example of consumer PR?

Consumer PR can launch attention-grabbing media campaigns that raise awareness for a brand. A good example of this is the Pitch team’s EE and Beano online safety campaign

Using iconic and recognisable characters like Dennis the Menace, the comic strip collaboration educated parents with EE’s top tips for keeping children safe online. It did so while simultaneously demonstrating to consumers how EE’s PhoneSmart service could help, therefore painting the brand in a good light.

This was a creative way of getting EE’s message across, using a novel format to promote the brand’s service.

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