Corporate PR

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Pitch provides corporate PR services to help develop and protect our clients’ reputations. We share ideas and shape communication to place them front and centre of the corporate conversation.

Our approach to corporate PR

Pitch aims to promote who your company is and the values that it holds to key stakeholders in the business. We help you to develop your communications and target your corporate audience wherever they consume media, improving and maintaining the relationships that matter the most to you.

Our experts draw on over 20 years of experience in corporate and crisis communications for some of the world’s biggest brands. We monitor current affairs, build engaging thought leadership programmes from scratch, and recommend reactive commentary when it’s beneficial (and crucially, we’ll tell you when it isn’t).

The benefits of corporate PR

An effective corporate PR agency has the power to share your company’s vision and reposition your brand among a corporate audience. Below are the main benefits of the Pitch approach:

Creates a strong brand image

In the current market, it’s crucial to build a cohesive brand identity. This is because the consumer is more conscious than ever, wanting to support companies that are ethical and open in their employee treatment, community engagement and other company practices that used to be ‘behind the scenes’. Consistent, transparent messaging across all channels enables you to maintain a positive brand image.

Boosts employee morale

Establishing and promoting your company’s core values can help to engage your employees. Your staff are the foundation of your enterprise, and those that feel connected to your company and well-informed are more likely to stay and grow with you, increasing productivity and decreasing employee turnover.

Attracts new opportunities

Successful corporate communication gets people talking. If your company’s stakeholders are singing your praises, you can attract more investment and talent. When an employee or brand ambassador enters into business with you, this is no longer purely transactional — but a declaration that they align with your company culture. If you want to attract top talent and new leads, you’ll need a strong corporate PR strategy.


What is the difference between corporate PR and consumer PR?

Corporate PR delivers external and internal messaging about your brand to the key stakeholders in your business, to effectively promote your company culture and values. Consumer PR on the other hand engages with the public, getting your message out through the media about your brand, services and products.

Is corporate PR the same as corporate communications?

Yes. Both corporate PR and corporate communications refer to the set of activities taken on to promote a brand and its values to key stakeholders, primarily through earned media.

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