England Til I'Dye!

England football fans are synonymous with the St. George’s Cross and famous for flying it wherever they go at World Cup’s. So, when Paddy Power plotted to use the host nation’s most endangered animal as a canvas for an England flag, ‘spray-painting’ it with a bloody-looking red cross, the world thought we’d taken our usual ballsy marketing, too far.

Balls of steel and a heart of gold

Ballsy? Yes, but there was always going to be more to this stunt than meets the eye. In partnership with Polar Bears international and Oscar-winning special effects studio, Framestore, Paddy Power delivered a provocative, purpose-led campaign that helped to raise awareness of, and funds for, Polar Bears in the Russian Arctic.

‘England til I Dye’ helped fund a world first Polar Bear conservation project in the Russian Arctic
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