Sponsorship Activation

Supercharge Your Sponsorship Strategy

Sponsorship activation helps brands create awareness around all-important collaborations. As a leading marketing agency, Pitch can help take your brand’s sponsorship activation efforts to the next level.

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Our Approach to Sponsorship Activation

For successful sponsorship activation, you must provide what your audience wants while also ensuring this is aligned with what the sponsored event or brand is expecting you to deliver.

Pitch leaves no stone unturned getting under the skin of our clients’ audiences and their partners to make sure that both of these considerations are catered to.

The Benefits of Sponsorship Activation

Sponsorship activation can have various benefits for your brand, from improving its visibility to helping you refine your marketing strategy. Learn all about these advantages below.

Boosts brand visibility

Sponsorship activation is all about letting others know about your sponsorship, which will naturally boost your brand’s visibility. This can eventually lead to more customers and more revenue.

Builds business relationships

By getting your brand name out there at events, you can also make connections with other businesses, giving you opportunities to collaborate down the line.

Helps refine your marketing strategy

Sponsorship activation often includes unique marketing strategies like pop-up events, video content and giveaways, all of which can give you inspiration for your marketing campaigns going forward.


What does sponsorship activation in sports mean?

Signing a sports sponsorship agreement with a team, athlete or event is only the first stage of a successful partnership. Perhaps the most important step is deploying the sponsorship and raising awareness around it, which is where sports sponsorship activation comes into play.

What are the main types of sponsorship?

Some of the most common kinds of sponsorship are:

  • Financial event sponsorship – This is where a sponsor offers funds to an event organiser in return for certain promotional benefits.
  • In-kind sponsorship – In-kind sponsorship involves providing goods or services instead of money. For example, prize sponsors donate branded goods as prizes, food sponsors donate food, and digital sponsors provide some sort of digital service, like an app for an event.
  • Promotional partners – Instead of one-off events, promotional partners are those with a large audience who tend to promote a brand on a more regular basis.

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