Sports Sponsorship

Get Ahead of the Game

Sport has the power to capture our attention, emotion and imagination like nothing else, making sports sponsorship an unrivalled platform and vehicle for brands looking to grow. Pitch is a London-based sports marketing agency that can help your brand to harness the power of sport in your favour.

Our Approach to Sports Sponsorship

For sports sponsorship campaigns to have real measurable impact, brands must use data-driven insights to understand the sports that their target growth audience are most passionate about and create activations that they can not only resonate with, but add more to their experience as a sports fan.

Pitch gets this more than most. We were among the first specialist sports sponsorship agencies to be established in the UK in the early 2000s, when our founder noticed there was a gap in the market for dedicated sports marketeers who knew the sector inside-out. Pitch is proud to remain an industry leader today, and the only agency to have a roster that includes the world’s biggest brands, rightsholders, and media organisations in the game.

The Benefits of Sports Sponsorship

Sports sponsorship can benefit brands like yours in so many ways, from helping it to access new audiences to providing a high ROI. Allow us to delve more into these advantages below.

Access to a new audience

Working with sports teams or stars gives brands exposure to fans who may not have come across them before. With sports stars boasting large fan bases, there are big opportunities to increase brand recognition.

Sports fans are hugely loyal

Sports fans are known to stick with their teams no matter what, which can’t always be said for consumers and their favourite brands. By affiliating themselves with these teams, brands can reap the rewards of such loyalty themselves.

ROI is typically high

When you combine the ability of sports sponsorship in boosting brand recognition and the loyalty new customers will have to said brand, it’s clear that there’s massive potential for sales to rise. Businesses therefore get a lot of value with this type of marketing. 


What are the different types of sports sponsorship?

The main four types of sports sponsorship are:

  • Individual sponsorship – One example is when we partnered Beats by Dre with boxer Anthony Joshua to help promote its products. 
  • Team sponsorship – Take the 2021 campaign we organised for ThinkMarkets in partnership with Liverpool FC, for instance.
  • Association sponsorship – An example of an association sponsorship campaign comes from Pokémon, which worked with The FA to promote its Pokémon Youth Futsal Programme.
  • Event sponsorship – Numerous brands have used the Super Bowl to put themselves front and centre of its colossal TV audience, including the likes of Olay, Bumble and Toyota.

How do sports sponsors make money?

Although a sports sponsor will have to pay a significant amount to get an athlete, team, association or event on board with advertising its brand, it can expect to easily re-coup this with the exposure and brand loyalty it will receive in return.

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