Your Trading Teammate

Our objective was to raise global brand awareness of ThinkMarkets, the Official Global Trading Partner of LFC, and introduce ThinkMarkets to LFC fans. We were tasked with utilising a player appearance with Milner, Matip and Phillips to create unique and engaging content for this purpose.

We created an idea that was loosely based around Anthony Bourdain's famous scene in The Big Short.

The script tapped into the player’s personalities and injected some humour into the piece, whilst also delivering key brand messages for ThinkMarkets.

Considering time and covid restrictions, we set up two stations at LFC to capture the content required for the hero film and CTAs, the latter which ThinkMarkets could use on their social channels throughout the year. Additionally, we used humorous takes from the shoot to create a bespoke GIF package and new suite of digital banner ads. The content was pushed out across all LFC and ThinkMarkets social channels, targeting fans who have an interest in trading and related activities. We also engaged popular LFC fan pages to share the content, particularly the GIFs which would appeal to their audience.

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