Case Study / August 9, 2017

Captain Morgan

Celebrate Like the Captain

Using football culture to inspire a target demographic to engage with Captain Morgan
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Alcohol is part of culture and cultural moments create engagement.


The audience for Captain Morgan skewed towards a male demographic. We identified their three loves: friends, football and social media.

The Idea


Instigate and reward the most fun goal celebrations by challenging football clubs to perform their greatest goal celebrations and submit them online for the chance to win the ultimate end-of-season football trip to the home of Captain Morgan – the Caribbean.


Campaign launch content created with Stjarnan FC – the Icelandic football team who became YouTube sensations with their own unique celebrations.

Engaged 300 amateur football clubs.

Formed a partnership with the PowerLeague to generate grassroots engagement.

“Captain” Wes Morgan made ambassador for campaign, causing a national media storm with his own cheeky celebration on the pitch.


Visibility – 24,259,202
Submission – 232
Video views – 2.9million
On sale – #CLTC videos and table talkers at 100
Stonegate pubs
Players on CM branded football pitches – 349,000
Players involved in submissions – 2,784