Case Study / September 7, 2016

BT Sport

Building the next great media powerhouse

Launching BT Sport to Britain and helping to grow their audience to more than 5 million households, transforming it from an underdog network into a sports powerhouse.

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In 2013 the UK sports media landscape was set to undergo revolutionary change. For the first time ever, there was real competition coming to the world of pay-tv sports – the UK’s biggest business, BT, was on a mission to knock Sky Sports off its perch.

Pitch joined forces with BT Sport to disrupt the market, draw in an audience and build the brand. In the last 4 years BT Sport has grown from a challenger brand to a powerhouse in the sports industry.

At the heart of our activity is the PR amplification of the core BT Sport assets – talent, content and compelling stories. With 88 hours of programming to fill each day, BT Sport is a content production machine. Our job is to identify the most compelling stories, supercharge them through media and influencer relations, and drive as many viewers as possible to the BT channels.

In June 2015, we launched BT Sports’ Champions League coverage, a major moment in the brand’s evolution and its biggest media showcase to date.

We generated 200+ articles around the launch of UCL coverage and our activity has supported BT Sport’s growth to over 5 million households with audiences increased by 45 per cent during the 2014/15 season.

This year BT’s audience saw a 58% increase during Q1 with the UEFA Champions League final attracting 6m viewers as a results of a multi-platform digital strategy, underpinned by distinctive PR and marketing campaigns.