Case Study / June 20, 2018

Great British Racing

Horsing Around with David Walliams

An integrated marketing campaign to promote the Under 18s race free intiative
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A day at the races doesn’t need to be expensive – under 18’s can attend 50 race courses nationwide for free as part of GBR’s ‘Under 18’s race free’ initiative

Although parents hold the purchase power, kids have the pester power. A campaign that talked to both audiences was essential.


Comedy is a universal language that appeals to all ages – it has the power to unite children and adults.


We created ‘Horsing Around’ – an original comedy video series featuring David Walliams and ‘The Crown’ actor Billy Jenkins as a father-son duo showcasing the fun that families can have at the races.

Targeting both children and parents, David Walliams made the perfect ambassador being a father, children’s author and celebrity.


Pitch storyboarded and scripted five videos in partnership with David Walliams. Across one shoot day, Pitch Productions filmed on location at Newmarket race course with David Walliams and Billy Jenkins coming face to face with horse racing stars including jockey Ryan Moore and trainer Amy Murphy.

Each ‘Horsing Around’ episode is scheduled for release throughout the summer holidays to maintain a conversation with parents and children. We launched the ‘Horsing Around’ series with a stakeholder and media screening event attended by 75 guests.

As well as producing the Horsing Around series, Pitch Productions also re-invented the Under 18’s Race Free marketing look, creating an animated style to make the brand more appealing to children and parents


500K views on social media for first three episodes. Earned media coverage has reached more than 20 million target consumers