YouTube stars Stjarnan FC perform ‘Walk the Plank’ to launch the UK’s biggest ever goal celebration competition

Stjarnan FC, the Icelandic football team famous for ‘The Salmon’, ‘The Bicycle’ and ‘The Birth’, has released its new goal celebration in five years – ‘Walk the Plank’.

The world’s greatest football celebrators’ latest creative masterpiece sees the lads from Iceland portraying the buccaneering tradition of walking the plank – inspired by Iceland’s historic performance at Euro 2016. If Icelandic football has taught us anything of late, enjoying your football can get you a long way.

Having qualified for Europe next season, Stjarnan FC has been inspired to create a new trademark celebration, having previously retired their skills. They are calling on UK football teams to follow their lead and bring some fun to the pitch, for a chance to win the ultimate end-of-season team trip to the Caribbean as part of Captain Morgan’s #CelebrateLikeTheCaptain competition.

Stjarnan FC, commented “We’re a very close group of players who love playing football together, the celebrations are a chance to show creativity and they bring us closer together as a team, helping us perform better. Five years ago, when the celebrations went viral, our manager banned us from performing on the pitch. Since then we have been laying low, focusing on our football, however when Captain Morgan asked us to #CelebrateLikeTheCaptain as a part of the campaign, we were inspired to create something new. Hopefully our celebrations will inspire UK teams to get creative and bring more fun to the football pitch”.

Captain Morgan is challenging football clubs up and down the country to join his crew and #CelebrateLikeTheCaptain.  All teams need to do is perform, film, upload and hashtag their celebrations with #CelebrateLikeTheCaptain via Youtube, Twitter or Facebook and they could be on a plane to Jamaica for the ultimate end of season trip. The Captain will also reward a new team every month, for seven months, with a unique monthly chance to join the ‘Captain’s Crew’.

The competition is open to football teams featuring players 18 years and older. All players appearing in the content must be over the age of 25.

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