Keeping it ‘real’.

Whilst 360-video will provide one of the best revenue streams over the next year for agencies, VR is still very much a newborn with only 20% of consumers in the UK watching virtual reality once a week or more (vs 28% globally) – According to Aol. & InsightsNow.

Whilst brands and advertisers are optimistic about VR, it is the surge of LIVE video which is gaining ground with 73% of consumers having watched live video content and 68% of advertisers planning to invest in live video this year.

Good news is, branded video is still the top revenue driver versus new emerging formats and user generated content. So with TV budgets ever increasingly going to digital video, we are seeing brands using more genuine and emotion fuelled ‘real’ people (not fictional characters) within their campaigns. Videos that are creating nostalgia within the viewer or just genuinely making us belly-laugh on the tube with their various mishaps, because after all, us Brits love to not take ourselves too seriously!

The ‘hero’ video is becoming the Mummy or Daddy of a large Waltons-esque type family of deliverables with a huge offspring offering filtering across into social. Excitingly, it is now mostly motion that is influencing design, by asking the question: ‘When will we have to make this motion?’ and not ‘Will we…?’

In the UK, consumers are favouring short form video (less than 1 minute in duration) with a decent 63% of people engaging with video running at less than 15 seconds. I join Pitch Marketing Group as their Head of Production at a time when keeping it authentic, short and sweet is certainly, keeping it ‘real’.

– Source: Aol. & InsightsNow ‘All Eyes on Digital Video’ – State of the Industry Video Research 2017

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