Four simple tips to increase your reach and engagement levels on Facebook

Facebook ranks as the largest social network, and with more than 1 billion registered accounts it should not be overlooked. With that in mind here are four quick and simple tips to help increase your reach and engagement levels on one of the most important social channels:


Video is the future. Changes in the Facebook algorithm last year as they look to compete with YouTube, mean that video has become the most successful posting mechanism at gaining reach across the pages Pitch manages.

Tip: Look to include regular video content that is relevant to your audience on your Facebook page. Content should be uploaded to the Facebook player and not linked from YouTube.

Galleries over pictures

For much of Facebook’s history photos and pictures have been regarded as the most successful posts but changes in the algorithm have had a large impact on this. Indeed this article reports that images are now the least successful Facebook posts.

Tip: It’s still important to include images on your pages. Galleries with good content rather than individual images will help you to reach a wider audience.

Simple text

Text accompanying posts that is short, sharp, to the point and most importantly in the correct tone for your target audience is by far the most effective both in terms of reach and engagement.

Tip: Short, relevant text.


To increase your reach tag relevant pages. You may think this is distracting your followers but it actually gets you into the timelines of people following the pages you are tagging, showing off your page to a potential new audience.

Tip: Tag where relevant but don’t over-tag, it will put people off.

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