A Day in The Life of An Iron Man World Champion

Ever wondered what it’s like to live with a professional triathlete? ASICS invites you to experience a day in the life of 2012 Ironman World Champion Pete Jacobs and his wife Jamielle.

Pete and Jamielle aren’t your average married couple; they live together, train together and compete alongside one another as professional triathletes.Regarded as one of the world’s finest Ironman swimmers and runners, ASICS brand ambassador Pete Jacobs achieved his dream of winning the Ironman World Championship in Hawaii, 2012. His ‘less is more’ approach also helped him secure 2nd place in 2011 and in 2010 he achieved the fastest marathon time in the race history– 2h 41m 05sec.

The ‘day in the life of’ video provides an insight into the life of a triathlete: everything from their daily rituals, quirky habits and even their fashion attire.

Commenting on a typical day in his life, Pete Jacobs said:

On a good day I will ride for five hours, run for half an hour, swim in the afternoon, run home, have a sleep and do it all over again”.

Shot at the couple’s home town of Noosa, Australia – the birthplace of the triathlon – the video shines a light on their rather unusual marital habits. A typical evening includes making high-protein foods and training on a static race bike whilst watching a movie together.

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