Danny Macaskill Returns With Incredible ‘epecuén’

Today sees the release of Danny MacAskill’s incredible new riding film ‘Epecuén’ which can be seen at on from 2013’s mind-blowing ‘MacAskill’s Imaginate’, Danny has once again raised the bar in his quest to be a rider always striving to achieve firsts in both location and riding.

The latest film, directed by long time collaborator Dave Sowerby, sees Danny explore the incredible setting of Villa Epecuén; a once thriving tourist town destroyed and submerged by floodwaters making it uninhabitable. After 25 years, the salt waters receded leaving behind a barren yet beautiful landscape. The only former resident to return, Pablo Novak, states that he ‘can no longer see what this place has for us…’ MacAskill however has other ideas.

‘Epecuén’ sees Danny MacAskill create and ride some incredible lines and perform a number of stunning feats including a world first ‘Bump Front Flip’.

MacAskill says of the new project, ‘Villa Epecuén has been a location that inspired me as soon as I saw photos of it on the Internet a couple of years ago and I started dreaming of the potential of the place; I just knew I had to go and make a film there. I wanted to be the first person to ride the incredible forgotten city once the waters started to recede.’

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