Anthony Joshua and Áine Zion team up for powerful new Beats by Dr. Dre piece

Ahead of Anthony Joshua’s upcoming fight against Joseph Parker, Beats by Dr. Dre has released a daring piece of content depicting Anthony in a way never seen before.

Spoken word artist and close friend of AJ, Áine Zion provides a deeply personal, spoken word poem which can be heard over intense footage of AJ training.

Alongside music, spoken word is a key part of AJ’s training routine which he listens to regularly to help him focus.

This new short film highlights that the fight does not begin when AJ steps into the ring.  There is a continuous mental battle that the 28-year-old must always be at the top of his game for. The enormous pressure of having to win, the need be the best, the expectation to make it 21 knockouts out of 21 fights.

Inspired by the pressure and negativity that is directed towards AJ – be it from his competitors, his critics or himself – the poem offers unparalleled insights into the internal challenges that the heavyweight boxing champion of the world feels he has to fight against on a daily basis.

You can’t win. 

Big man Anthony Joshua. 

You can’t win. 

Slow down on the weights though it’s slowing you down bro. 

The pressure’s on I’m not going to lie. 

You better beat this guy. 

You can’t win. 

To a fan you’re the man‘til a belt drops and another man becomes the man on top. 

What then?

Back to dirt bikes and being Fem from ends?

You can’t win. 

And if you do it’ll be no surprise. 

Cos the World beats you up everyday. 

And everyday you rise.

The 60 second and 30 second shorts can be found here:



Anthony Joshua takes on Parker on Saturday March 31st in Cardiff, Wales. AJ is a long time friend and collaborator with Beats by Dre, featuring in several campaigns including Above The Noise


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