140 characters – tip of the iceberg!

Today’s companies more than ever are seeing a shift in what attracts clients/customers through their ‘doors.’ Bill Gates explained almost 20 years ago that content will become king in the modern generation of marketing, and he wasn’t wrong. However, companies need to distinguish what it takes to make their content stand out from all the rest.

Last week Buzzfeed’s European Vice President of Advertising- Will Hayward, explained how difficult it really is to master the creation of high quality content online.

One of the main obstacles you face is that ‘you can’t trick social.’ He elaborates to explain that inevitably what will ‘happen is that the stuff that’s being created that’s of poor quality and doesn’t think about identity or humour or nostalgia and doesn’t hit the nail on the head, it just won’t get distributed much. Facebook is continually tweaking that algorithm to shift towards the things that people are really enjoying.”

He wishes any company all the success it deserves when it comes to content creation, but urges them to not underestimate “how much effort, work and investment it takes to make it successfully.” There is a thin line between success and failure, and money certainly doesn’t buy success. However, with the right thinking you give it the best shot.
Here are some examples from brands who have got it right on different scales, using the assets they have at their disposal.

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