Leicester Captain Wes Morgan set to become the most popular man in the bar as spicy new sponsorship deal with one of Britain’s favourite rum brands means drinks for everyone (literally)

Jamaican rum brand Captain Morgan has officially signed Premier League-winning captain, Jamaican international and namesake, Captain Wes Morgan… with some unusual asks of its new brand ambassador, sure to make him a welcome sight in bars up and down the country.

The makers of Original Spiced Gold have included a series of spicy clauses in the footballer’s sponsorship contract, including one which permits him to enter bars and pubs and buy Captain Morgan & Cola’s for everyone over the age 18… provided he shouts, “There’s only one Captain Morgan” before ordering. He is also required to dress up as the Captain who is on the front of the bottle if he goes to costume parties.

Wes Morgan will be helping to promote, and judge, the brand’s recently launched #CelebrateLikeTheCaptain campaign, calling on football teams to perform and upload goal celebrations to win monthly prizes and culminating in an end of season trip to Jamaica for the best team (link to promo film). The Leicester Captain will be the making or breaking amateur football teams dreams of an end of season tour to die for.

Following Leicester City’s fairy tale title win last season, Captain Morgan produced a limited edition bottle featuring Wes Morgan in a blue outfit. 11,000 bottles went on sale in Leicester which sold out in 24 hours.

Speaking about the deal, Wes said, “I’m delighted to be a Brand Ambassador for Captain Morgan.  I think this just might be the best contract ever.”


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