Since 2013, player salaries have constituted 57% of funds circulated in the international transfer market

Summer transfer window analysis on international transfers shows:

  • English clubs spent 996 million – more than double any other country
  • French clubs spent 270 million – a 65% increase on summer 2014
  • Spanish clubs spent 495 million – a 23% decrease on summer 2014


FIFA TMS today launched its latest Big 5 Transfer Window Analysis report. The 2015 summer edition examines official international transfer figures for the Big 5 countries: England, France, Germany, Italy and Spain.

This year, for the first time, the transfer window analysis includes a special report disclosing the official salary figures for all worldwide transfers. The findings reveal that since 2013, player salaries have constituted 57% of the funds circulated in the international transfer market. Transfer fees accounted for 41% and club intermediary commissions the remaining 2%.

The report also reveals that 80% of the total amount of salaries committed in the context of international transfers since 2013 can be attributed to UEFA clubs. These clubs lead the trend in paying the highest average salaries, with AFC clubs following closely behind. Average salaries tend to grow with age, often peaking at 28 years of age and decreasing afterwards.

Speaking about the launch of the Big 5 report, FIFA TMS General Manager Mark Goddard said: “Most of the transfers discussed in the media involve large transfer fees, but in reality, only 13% of all worldwide transfers involve the payment of a fee. Salaries, though, are part of every single contract.

In 2014 alone, clubs and players signed contracts for USD 6.02 billion, which added to the USD 4.07 billion in transfer fees and USD 236 million in intermediaries’ commissions make the total value of these transfers a staggering USD 10.33 billion.”

The Big 5 countries recorded a total of 1,340 incoming international transfers during this summer’s transfer window, an increase of 4% when compared to the same period last year. Transfer spending for the Big 5 countries reached USD 2,396 million, an increase of 2% compared to last year’s summer window.

At country level, trends differ significantly:

England remains the top spender with USD 996 million spent in international transfers, followed by Spain, Italy, France and Germany. In comparison to last summer, spending on international transfers only increased in Italy and France.

BIG 5 average figures

  • Together, the Big 5 countries spent USD 2,396 million (+2% on the 2014 summer transfer window)
  • The average transfer fee for an international transfer increased from USD 5.5 million to USD 5.7 million (+4% compared to last summer)
  • Total spending on engaging club intermediary commissions has grown again this summer, reaching USD 158 million, a 8% increase from last summer
  • The average age of players engaged by the Big 5 was 23 years and 9 months – 1 month younger than last year


The report also includes detailed information on each country in the Big 5 relating to:

  • top incoming nationalities
  • average age of players engaged and released
  • engaging club intermediary commissions paid
  • additional data relating to the number of international transfers and transfer spending over the last five summer transfer windows


The FIFA TMS BIG 5 report is available for purchase at

Source of data

The information contained in this press release is based on individual transaction data provided directly by more than 6,500 professional football clubs in ITMS. All data was extracted from ITMS on 02 September 2015.

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