Red Bull Air Race World Champion

Reigning World Champion, UK pilot Paul Bonhomme, talks about his best ever moments at 80ft high and 230mph in a new video

In a new video release, UK pilot and current Red Bull Air Race World Champion, Paul Bonhomme, talks about his highs and lows, his terrifying scares whilst racing through the air at 80ft high and over 230mph around tight and dangerous courses, and what it feels like to take podium position against the world’s best pilots.

The video showcases Paul’s best moments from around the globe and why he couldn’t imagine doing anything else but racing in the world’s fastest air motorsport event, the Red Bull Air Race.

Extremely motivated and fully refueled after the three-year championship break, Paul, the most successful pilot in Red Bull Air Race history, trained feverishly with his crew to get his agile and lightweight racing style back in peak condition ahead of the eagerly awaited 2014 Red Bull Air Race World Championship.

The championship season will next stop in Gdynia, Poland on July 26/27 and then onto the UK on August 16/17 where it will come to the iconic Ascot Racecourse for the first time ever. The championship then continues to Dallas/Fort Worth on September 6/7, Las Vegas on October 11/12 and China on November ½ for the grand finale.

With this year’s championship already underway, the season-opener in Abu Dhabi saw Paul take first place on the podium. Competing hard against the world’s best pilots, Paul, who won the last two World Championships consecutively in 2009 and 2010, is currently in 2nd place on the overall leaderboard and within reaching distance of the World title for the third time.

Paul is very familiar with the championship, having stepped onto the podium nearly 40 times, and has travelled the world and raced in some of the most iconic locations from the sky scrapers of New York to the Mediterranean beaches of Barcelona. It’s not just the World Cup which has entered Brazil, as Paul experienced racing around Rio de Janeiro to a crowd of hundreds of thousands of people on the beaches where he went to claim another winning spot for the UK.

This year’s competition is already even more intense than previous years, as all 12 pilots are using a standardised engine and propeller, intensifying the focus on pilot skill and precision flying through the high-g turns in the challenging race courses.

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