Nicola Adams and Michael Jamieson put in the hours to ensure Glasgow 2014 ticket applications get off to a great start

It’s probably best we get the puns out of the way now so we can focus on the serious stuff…

With the help of Glasgow 2014 ambassadors Michael Jamieson and Nicola Adams on Monday the 19th August, ticket applications for the 2014 Commonwealth Games in Glasgow made a splash, got out the blocks fast and came out of the corner firing.

The feel-good factor in British sport has never been higher and Glasgow 2014 marks the next major milestone in a wonderful sporting decade in the UK. Working with Glasgow 2014 we brought Olympic gold medallist Nicola Adams down to London to talk to media about her excitement to once again be competing in front of passionate, packed stadiums, as well as her desire to keep being a history maker. The Commonwealth Games in Glasgow marks another opportunity for Nicola Adams to be the first woman to win a gold medal and she is relishing the opportunity.

Interest in Nicola and the Commonwealth Games was clearly high, with a full media schedule starting at 6o’clock on Daybreak and ending at Pitch offices with a series of print interviews.

With 1 million tickets available until the 16th September for 17 sports, ranging from the sedate to the super-charged there will be something for everyone. With a month to apply, fans can take their time and plan what they want to see.

Tickets start at £15, with half-price tickets available for under-16s and over-60s and local travel will be included. Couple this with the fact that 70% of all events have been made available to the public means there really is no reason not to apply…

Go on, witness something special, just look how happy Nicola Adams is to be going!

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