Meantime Brewing Company “Pioneered in Greenwich” by Pitch Marketing Group

Meantime Brewing Company announces a new collaboration with one of London’s most creative leaders, jazz musician Moses Boyd. Two new videos narrated by and starring Moses pay tribute to Meantime’s Greenwich home, the beating heart of innovation and a source of inspiration for Londoners past, present and future.

‘Pioneered in Greenwich’ takes us to the birthplace of Meantime Brewing Company. A time capsule for ground-breaking maritime history, creativity and earnest workers, Greenwich continues to grow and evolve, inspiring

new generations of creators looking toward the future. Boyd’s account explains that it’s little wonder Meantime’s founder Alistair Hook decided to start his craft beer revolution in such a dynamic location.

20 years on from the completion of the first batch, Meantime is proud to be continuing the same pioneering mission in its work today, still brewing vibrant flavours at its Greenwich home on the banks of the River Thames. Meantime’s DNA not only derives from its location but also what Greenwich represents, Time.

Time allows for the essential mastery and skill that is incorporated into every drop of Meantime beer, enabling brewers to achieve its perfect flavour. Meantime believes true pioneering combines experimentation and collaboration in order to achieve the finest results, a sentiment that motivated the brand’s partnership with the award-winning jazz artist.

‘Pioneered Through Collaboration’ draws on the artistic parallels between the working processes of a musician and a brewer and highlights the importance of collaboration in order to be at the top of their game.

Speaking on the importance of collaboration and what it takes to be a pioneer, Moses Boyd says, “I wouldn’t be where I am today if it weren’t for my need and passion to collaborate with other artists and explore different ways to strengthen my artistry. To be a pioneer you have to be the first to discover something new and that can only happen through creativity and sharing with likeminded people. The results are always worth it. Meantime shares that passion for pushing boundaries – the team understands what it takes to get the best results.”

That same pioneering spirit is alive and well in Meantime’s Greenwich brewery, where you’ll find its flair for invention in unique and experimental brews such Haze for Dayz, an oat milk infused IPA and Brighter Days, an New England Inspired Pale Ale infused with gin botanicals.

Speaking on why being a pioneer is so important to Meantime, Marketing Director Sam Rhodes says, “We pride ourselves on our London heritage and roots within the Greenwich community.  Our brewing is relentlessness when it comes to innovation and discovery so we’re proud to be able to consistently deliver flavourful and exciting craft beer that stands out from the crowd. Our intention is to be a pioneer of the next phase in craft and move forward with what consumers are looking for today, this is at the heart of everything we do at Meantime.”

With a restless spirit and a continuous commitment to pushing boundaries, Meantime continues to find new territory to explore. This year the brewery introduced 14 new beers including four collaborations and a new packaging format. There will also be a brand-new beer joining its core range early 2022 as well as a forthcoming project set to elevate the brewery’s taproom, shop and brewhouse, making it a true destination spot.

The future is bright and like a true Greenwich native, Meantime has no intentions of slowing down.

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