Gareth Bale launches Ellevens Esports team

Football icon Gareth Bale is the co-owner of new esports venture -Ellevens Esports, which is launching with a FIFA team

Gamers are invited to take part in a global talent search to find players to join the Ellevens team. Visit for more information

Fans can engage with the latest team news via Gareth Bale’s social media and can watch the side compete in the FIFA eClub World Cup in Milan in February

Ellevens esports founders – Jonathan Kark, Gareth Bale, Larry Cohen

Real Madrid and Wales football superstar Gareth Bale has today launched a brand new esports organisation called Ellevens Esports. The franchise initially launches with a FIFA team and will make its competitive tournament debut in the prestigious FIFA eClub World Cup this February 2020.

Gareth Bale is inviting gamers worldwide to take part in an open talent search which offers the chance to join Ellevens Esports on a professional esports contract. Ellevens is set to expand across a range of further esports platforms such as Fortnite, Rocket League and CS:GO. Gamers can register at for further information.

Four-time UEFA Champions League winner Gareth Bale said: 

“On the pitch, my goal is always to win. With Ellevens Esports, that winning attitude is just as important. There are similarities between football and esports in that it takes real dedication and sacrifice to reach the top of your game.

I am looking to recruit a team of world-class players for Ellevens across a variety of games. Unearthing new talent is an exciting part of the process and it’s been really exciting to be involved in selecting our line-up of players so far!”

Gareth Bale features in a launch video for Ellevens alongside professional FIFA players Pedro Resende, Ethan Higgins and Tyler Phillips, and content creator Tom Linnell. The video can be downloaded here or viewed on the Ellevens Esports YouTube channel here.

Galactico Gareth Bale joins a list of stellar sporting names including Michael Jordan and Odell Beckham Jr, who have recently invested into the world of competitive esports gaming. The industry has seen significant growth in recent years, with worldwide industry revenues reaching $1Billion in 2019.

Prize funds for esports tournaments have also grown, with the Fortnite World Cup 2019 solo prize winning 16-year-old, Kyle [Bugha] Giersdorf, taking home $3,025,900, even exceeding the prize money won by Novak Djokovic at Wimbledon $2,983,748 and Tiger Woods for his Masters win $2,070,000.

Ellevens Esports is co-owned by Gareth Bale and 38 Entertainment Group. 38 Entertainment is founded by investor and entrepreneur Jonathan Kark and former professional footballer Larry Cohen.

About 38 Entertainment

38 Entertainment creates bespoke solutions for professional athletes to enter the esports industry. The Group in partnership with Real Madrid and Wales superstar Gareth Bale, launched a global esports team Ellevens esports. The organization brings together the world of competitive gaming and entertainment. They position themselves to compete at the highest level in esports and to establish themselves as every gamer’s ultimate destination.

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