Betfair Drop ‘fan Parachute Payment’ from a Drone Over Hull

  • Betfair is giving Hull City facing the doom and gloom of relegation the chance to claim a ‘parachute payment’
  • A Drone has parachuted a package containing £5,000 in cash, and fitted with a GPS tracker, in the vicinity of Hull
  • GPS tracker on the package last gave out signals West of Hull and visual clues to the drop site have been released via Betfair’s social media channels and in a YouTube video


Betfair this morning announced they have dropped a ‘Fan Parachute Payment’ of £5,000 in the vicinity of the city of Hull in an attempt to cheer up fans of the soon to be relegated club.

Following defeat against Spurs last weekend, and other results going against them, barring a miracle on the last day of the season Hull are all but resigned to Premier League relegation alongside Burnley and QPR.

Whilst the relegated clubs themselves receive financial solace by way of the much publicised £60 million ‘Parachute Payment’, it’s a very different story for the fans as they prepare for Championship football.

As a result of this fan injustice, online bookmakers Betfair has decided to step in and give Hull fans the chance of receiving their very own ‘parachute payment’ in an attempt to lighten the gloom around the city; the lucky fan who manages to find the package containing £5,000 in cash have been told they can keep it.

The package, fitted with a GPS tracker, and containing the £5,000 fan ‘Parachute Payment’ was dropped by a specially designed drone from the skies above Hull this morning (Wednesday 20th May).

Following the drop, Betfair tweeted a video showing the drone parachuting the payment into the Hull countryside, with visual clues as to the location, prompting Hull fans and treasure hunters across the North to scramble for their maps.

Naomi Totten, Betfair spokesperson, commented: “Relegation hits everyone hard. The club, the fans, the players. Unfortunately for Hull, they’ve been unable to deliver this season despite spending big in the transfer market, and at 1/4 to go down – an 80% likelihood – are almost certain to face Championship football next season. Their fans have been through the mill.”

“While Hull City F.C will receive a £60 million Parachute Payment, their fans receive nothing of the sort. So here at Betfair, we’ve decided to give away a ‘Fan Parachute Payment’ of £5,000 in cash in an attempt to cheer up the people of Hull – we dropped it from a drone this morning and it’s now somewhere in the vicinity of the city. The first person who finds it, keeps it. Simple as that.”


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