Case Study / September 7, 2016


Canine Collection

Marketing the ‘sale’ of live puppies and dogs as accessories to boost awareness of a new online fashion retailer
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The Canine Collection was a unique and controversial campaign centered on Lyst’s plan to ‘become a challenger brand that does things differently.’ They wanted a creative activation that would get Lyst talked about, increasing social and website traffic.

The Blue Cross animal charity recently revealed the news that dog breeds traditionally thought of as British family favourites could be overtaken by ‘fashion breeds’ on rescue centres’ most unwanted lists. They said, “The face of dog ownership may be permanently changing, and we worry that the influence of celebrity owners and fashion trends means many more pets are bought for the wrong reasons and soon given up.”

We used this insight to raise awareness of the fantastic work that the Blue Cross and other animal charities do, whilst raising Lyst’s profile in a provocative way.

We created a mini-site on the website – alongside the accessories section – that would appear to market and sell puppies and dogs as accessories. Lyst ‘stocked’ 33 different dog breeds and consumers could narrow their search by colour, size and style. We also created a bespoke Canine Care customer service that would respond to all enquiries and work with the potential buyer to find the right dog to suit their style.

To coincide with the website and social media launch, we also delivered a media drop – or Puppy Drop, as we called it.
We visited 10 different media houses with puppies in bespoke Lyst boxes, complete with Lyst bows, ribbon and price tags. The objective of this Puppy Drop was for media to experience a ‘taster’ of Lyst’s Canine Collection.

The campaign dominated social and traditional media for the two days it was live. It sparked huge debate with animal lovers and fashion fans alike, raising awareness of puppy farming and the rise in ‘designer’ dogs in the process.

Whilst other fashion brands play it safe, we created an interesting and eye-opening campaign that engaged more consumers than anything Lyst had ever produced.

• The campaign delivered 60+ pieces of Lyst branded coverage in the space of a week – with an estimated 2.88billion coverage views.
• In the 48 hours that the dogs page was live, the campaign increased social traffic to Lyst by 1600% and direct traffic by 120%.
• Lyst Twitter impressions for all of 2015 were 57 million.
• Lyst Twitter impressions for the 9th and 10th of May alone were 31 million.